Earth Day Outtakes

Earth has no sorrows that earth cannot heal.

John Muir


8 responses to “Earth Day Outtakes

  1. I sure appreciate the photo of Lantana. I loved that plant and was sad to know that I can’t grow it here.

  2. Bright and stunning flowers!

  3. What an interesting collection of plants…well shown. It’s hard not to like the “flowery” ones better, but all are attractive in their own way. Well done.

  4. Yep… including the marks left by mankind… I like the way your photos are processed now…

  5. Beautiful images! I’ve been slacking in my bloggish neighborliness as school has been more than hectic. Now that I’m back in the swing again, I wanted to stop in and say hello. Happy spring!

  6. Beautiful work…

  7. how did I miss these amazing images? it looks like the bird is posing for you!!

  8. Beautiful. What is the gorgeous one at the bottom?

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