Arizona has more parks and national monuments than any other state, more mountains than Switzerland, and more golf courses than Scotland.

It was longer and hotter than I thought it would be but I got some photos I liked. This is the Phoenix Mountain Preserves. Terry (montucky), does this make you miss Arizona a little bit?


5 responses to “Hiking

  1. A fine series of the Saguaro cacti. Very interesting statistics about Arizona’s well deserved “bragging” points. Nice post.

  2. It does a lot! How well I remember Phoenix Mountain Preserves! In another week or so I plan to visit my Sister in Prescott Valley for a few days and I’ll be sure to take my camera. After 17 years away from Arizona though, I’m apprehensive about what I will see there. Your last photo gives me hope!

  3. Cool! No, I mean hot! Love your part of the country.

  4. Were those saguaro damaged by nature or pot-shotting humans?

  5. i did not know this about Arizona..I love cacti and you have shown one that is authentic!!

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