The Botanicals

I was just messing around a little this morning, inspired by this photo of Superdewa’s, who I know from photojojo and now Flickr. She, in turn, was inspired by this photo. I love these, they both look like the botanical drawings that you see from long ago. Mine don’t exactly look the same because I shot most of them intentionally with shadows because I like that kind of light so much. Anyway, it’s hard in AZ to get away from the shadows when you’re shooting outside.

I still like them, though, as an experiment, and am planning to do more in the future, with or without shadows. First, I used a little brown-paged journal and then I switched to the larger white-paged journal above.

So far, I prefer the white pages. I don’t think the shadowed photos evoke the same feeling of the early botanical drawings as the non-shadowed ones but they are a slightly different take on that idea…almost like a parody or spoof on them…or maybe even an homage…similar but different.

9 thoughts on “The Botanicals

  1. What a cool idea! The lemons in the top photo almost look like sculptures instead of the real deal 🙂

    My grandfather had botanical books when I was little and I loved to thumb through them.


  2. Interesting experimentation with the shadows and their contrasts. I find myself using “shadow fill” on PS to soften harsh shadows…especially those from strong, overhead lighting. Playing with light shadow is at the heart of what we do.


  3. I like this idea and have considered it as well for my plant “collections.” Oddly when you run a line filter on these they can turn out amazing… like real old time botanical drawings!


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