And a few more…

Look but don’t touch.


10 responses to “Sharp

  1. A lovely but painful subject! Nicely done

  2. I like this cacti series. The limited way cacti blossom always makes them very appealing to me….well… special. Very nice close ups.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! My college roommate is moving to Pennsylvania for graduate school this summer and I tease her that I’m going to send her something cactus-related each month in the mail to remind her of home. She’d love a print of one of these!

  4. what a perfect collection of sticky shots…cactus are hard to get a good photo of I did tho!!

  5. That fruit on the barrel looks like it’s ready to be made into jelly. The cholla is loaded! Wow!

  6. nicely done…have a beautiful weekend

  7. Wow, I thought the first photo was of some kind of pinneapple! Love the last one!

  8. Love this series of shots, Candace. Cacti have such pretty blossoms and some cool fruits.

  9. Look but don’t touch and I always do….

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