What’s happier and more summery than a sunflower?

I know! A sunflower with a bee! (If you click on the photo to make it larger, you can see him/her better.)

And the promise of a whole bunch more to come! I stumbled upon several sunflower plants in the alley a few houses down. Only a couple have bloomed already but there are plenty more buds. I think you’ll be seeing some more sunflowers here.

If it were not for Terry at Montana Outdoors, I would have kept thinking of these little yellow flowers that I photographed a couple of weeks ago in the desert as mini-sunflowers. As it turns out, they are really part of the sunflower family and are called western groundsels.

Don’t they make you happy just to look at them?

Happy Mother’s Day, happy weekend!


11 thoughts on “Happy!

  1. Yes! Very happy flowers 🙂
    & the yellow of those groundsels against the bright blue background is GORGEOUS – those colours make me very happy 🙂


  2. I learn something new every day…and today was one of those with your explanation and naming of the tiny flowers. Nice series. They do look happy!


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