The spring here has been glorious. We haven’t come close to 100 yet and that’s a major plus. From the heavy rains we had earlier this year, everything is blooming more than normal. For people with allergies, it’s a rough spring but I don’t have many so I’m able to enjoy it to the fullest.

I can’t wait to get home every night and hang out on my front porch bench trying to get a good shot of a butterfly or hummingbird but settling for flowers and kitties.


8 responses to “Glorious

  1. Love your pics… espec that dandelion-looking one. And, of course, the cat rocks 🙂

  2. you certainly chose the right word for this post..the floral reds and puffy whites complement one another so well

  3. Beautiful Bouganvilla bokeh
    and you kitty looks so content. I am giddy about spring…finally some color!

  4. Not close to 100 yet–something to look forward to ;)!

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more. This is the nicest spring I can remember. Great shots, as usual!

  6. Beautiful! And such a cute kitty. >^_^<

  7. That shot of your cat is fantastic! I love the reflection.

    Spring here’s been too cold. Freezing frosts are ruining farmers’ crops 😦

  8. Glorious indeed, plus cute kitty!!

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