Old Yeller

In looking back through my flower photos of the last 2-3 months, I see that yellow is the dominant color.

From the early blooming daffodils through the poppies, cat’s claw, lantana, petunias, mums, wildflowers, and other unidentifiable flowers to the currently blooming sunflowers, cactus flowers, and more, yellow is everywhere.

These are special, though. This is the state tree of Arizona, the palo verde (“green stick”). The trunk and branches are green and in April and May, they bloom like this.

And the bees love them. There were bees of all sizes all over this tree,

The palo verde is native to the southwestern US and Mexico. There are 4 species and one hybrid variety. Wildlife loves them for food and shelter and they provide shade through the long, hot summers. Once established, they need no supplemental water to live although they will grow faster if watered.

You can imagine how pretty it looks this time of year in the many urban and rural areas where these trees grow. Like so much else this year, the earlier heavy rains have made them bloom more abundantly.


9 thoughts on “Old Yeller

  1. way cool – the hovering bee shot! i can almost hear it buzzing… i hate bees tho… in an irrational fear kind of way…. nice pics!


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