I may be absent for a few days while I try to get some. But I’ll be visiting your blogs and may find some there.


8 responses to “Inspiration

  1. Love the new header! That’s inspiration!

  2. I like your combination picture today. Very attractive. I hope you have a worthwhile break.

  3. I used to head out toward Four Peaks for inspiration. I wonder if that old four wheel drive road still crosses just below the peaks.

  4. absurdoldbird

    Love the juxtaposion of the steeple and the moon in your photo.

    Happy inspiration hunting! I have times when I have to hunt for it too.

  5. Enjoy…. you left us with a good one.

  6. A SoCal smile heading your way… have a good one 🙂

  7. the colors and the smooth yet curved lines are filled with inspiration Candace!! great job..

  8. I find inspiration whenever I am not looking for it. When I quiet my mind from the day to day stress, new ideas pop up almost magically.
    Try not surfing our blogs for a while 😉

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