I was trying to find an antonym for “inspiration” to illustrate that I still haven’t found any. But all I came up with was “perspiration,” which might be part of the reason I have no inspiration. After the longest, nicest spring I ever remember in Phoenix, the temperature shot up to 110 over the weekend, unseasonably hot.

The above photos are from a thread on the photojojo forum called Diptych Daredevils. The rules of the game are that one person posts a photo and someone else matches up one of their own with it to form a diptych. Then the second person posts another photo and someone else makes a diptych from that and one of their photos and on and on. So the one above on the left was done by MarleyMax and I paired my photo on the right with it.

The photo on the left below is mine and Nana matched one of hers up with it. It’s a fun exercise. Feel free to join in if you’d like. Everyone on the photojojo forum is very nice and supportive.

I did take a few photos tonight but I haven’t processed them yet. Here are a few more sunflowers from the alley behind our house taken a week or so ago.

Hope you’re keeping cooler than we are. It’s supposed to go back to normal this weekend, which is about 97, and will feel so much better than this.


7 thoughts on “Perspiration

  1. I’m loving your sunflower photos so, so much! It was STUPIDLY hot this weekend, although thankfully it’s still not too terrible at night. Here’s to better weather this weekend!


  2. BEAUTIFUL new header!!!
    Gorgeous dippy’s, love your creativity Candace.
    Hope you are well, lucky duck with all that heat. There is still snow on the mountains here and still cold…grrr.


  3. Looks fun and like you I go through slumps. When the weather is hot I seldom suffer a slump except from the heat and always have to carry something to mop up the sweat. It’s not like I can go buy a new camera if I lose this one… I like those colorful sunflowers…


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