The previous sunflowers I’ve photographed this spring have been from the alley behind my house and down a little ways. They seem to be there by accident and don’t belong to anyone in particular. But the other day, while sitting out front, I noticed a house down the street that had a yard full of sunflowers. The wind was blowing and they were bobbing their yellow heads furiously.

I went down there and they had several rows of sunflower plants. Not knowing them at all and hearing dogs barking from their backyard, I didn’t do what I would have liked to have done…laid under them and shot upwards. I didn’t even trespass on their property, being a chicken. They must be nice people, though, to love sunflowers so much, right?

These are a different variety of sunflowers than the ones in the alley as these have huge blooms, maybe 6 inches in diameter. The alley ones, below, are about 3 inches across.

I like sunflowers so much that I added a new piece to my vintage Mexican silver collection. Now I can wear a little bit of summer to work everyday.


10 thoughts on “Waving

  1. Fine sunflower shots. We used to have huge blossoms that would finally overpower the stock and droop toward the ground. Perfects for that shot underneath you’re wishing you could have taken. Nice shots.


  2. I love sunflowers – so bright and cheery. I’ve been filling my bird feeder with sunflower seeds and I keep hoping one or two will sprout on their own, but the birds do a good job of cleaning everything up. Maybe I should just plant a few. 😉


  3. I’ve never seen sunflowers planted in quite that way… amazing really. I planted some of those one year and the squirrels came right behind me and dug them up to eat.


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