The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.

~Emily Dickinson

Textures, do you like them? I know some of you use them and I always think they’re so beautiful but mine never to seem to come out right.


8 responses to “Hi…Biscus

  1. I especially like the first photo! That’s so nice!

  2. Hi Biscus, Hi Candace, Love the red biscus.

  3. Beautiful rich colors.
    I like textures….I also am getting tired of using them. I think they are fun but also much work, they can either enhance an image or mask imperfections.
    I think yours added a nice softness to the image Candace.

  4. A fine series of this beautiful flower. I usually try for sharp textures, but that doesn’t have to be the norm. The softness added with careful depth of field, or blur can be very enhancing to a flower shot. These are well done.

  5. Candace, I like the last image your posted. Kinda adds a little more emotion to the shot in a faded timeless way.

  6. Wild Mustang Photography!

    Beautiful colors , light and textures! Great composition! Superb!

  7. rich .. vivid ….clever title…a quote i relate to

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