4 July 2010

I like the “Grown in Mexico” watermelon. The old melting pot. This is the southwest, after all.

Hope you’re having a fun and/or relaxing looong weekend. Tonight we should be able to see some of downtown Phoenix’s fireworks show from our front yard and, if it’s not too hot, I might set up my tripod and try to capture the iconic Fourth of July photos…or not.

Happy Birthday, America.


6 responses to “4 July 2010

  1. a marvelous collection of freedom today ..enjoy!!

  2. Beautiful colors! Way back when we used to watch the fireworks at Sun Devil Stadium from a vantage point in the Salt River bottom (having a 4X4 has its advantages).

  3. I like the association of Old Glory with watermelon. Somehow that is very American. Nice series.

  4. Wonderful framing of that first shot! A Keeper!

  5. Love your watermelon shot.

  6. I missed this. I love the compostions here…so beautifully seen. I hope you had a wonderful day…and not too hot.

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