Al Fresco

Poor Felix has been graffitied but the homeowners have left it that way quite awhile.

Both of these paintings are on houses in central Phoenix, the first in a cool, funky historic neighborhood; the second in an exclusive, older neighborhood. Note the cameras visible on the second one so that shot was a drive-by.

Want an art-filled weekend? I recommend the movie Georgia O’Keeffe with Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons, who looks exactly like photos of Alfred Stieglitz. Parts of it were filmed on O’Keeffe’s New Mexico ranch and it seemed to capture the essence of those times. It’s available on video.

I’m also reading Sunflowers by Sheramy Bundrick, historical fiction based on the last 2 years of Vincent Van Gogh’s life. Bundrick is an art historian and sets the scene in late 1880s’ Arles well. Although she takes many liberties, much of it is based on Vincent’s letters to his brother, Theo, and others. It’s an enjoyable and interesting read.

We’ll be going to the Phoenix Art Museum tomorrow, seeing some art, and listening to the Downtown Chamber Series. The Chamber Series is held in downtown Phoenix galleries, combining music and art. In the summers, it is always held at the museum, which will be good because it’s nice and cool in there and it’s really hot (and humid) here.

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