One Man’s Trash

Hmmm, not much to say…Glad I almost always have my p & s with me…I think…


9 responses to “One Man’s Trash

  1. WTFBBQ!??? The mailbox, the telephone, the mini-VW, the vcr, the viser on the antenna . . . I just keep going from item to item and cracking up!

    What a find!

  2. That about covers it…

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  4. He drives around in a conversation piece!

  5. Peace, Groovy and Far Out Man.

  6. Always have your P&S with you?…Pickles and Saurkraut? 🙂 Great find!

  7. What a great “find” to shoot. Yes, always pay to have a P&S along! This owner probably also thinks warts are attractive! 🙂

  8. One Man’s trash… is another person’s photoblog post! HA!

  9. Does somebody actually drive this thing? Holy cow! Great find, Candace!

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