El Pacifico

I’ve never been in this place but every time I drive by it, I enjoy looking at it. So this time I stopped.

It’s definitely colorful here in Phoenix.

For awhile, I was stuck on photographing flowers; now it looks like I’m stuck on photographing murals. This one is by Greg Bucher, a local graphic artist who specializes in murals.

There seem to be a lot around here so you’ll be seeing more of them as I locate them.

I’m going to go back and tag my mural photos from a year ago as well as the more recent ones and a new series will be born.

Edit: If you click “Murals” in the Tag Cloud on the lower left, you can see all my mural photos. For some reason, clicking on “Murals” at the top of the post takes you to all WordPress posts tagged “Murals.”

12 thoughts on “El Pacifico

  1. And a fine series it will be! I like the natural color you achieve in shooting these murals. Nice work. I’ll be looking forward to more in this theme.


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