Dark Shadows

This is Brophy Prep, a Jesuit-run boys’ high school downtown. It wasn’t my intended destination but I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I stopped here. It’s a very pretty campus but the sky was ominous and it was getting close to dusk. There was no one else around so I felt a little creeped-out and was anxious to leave. I had that “being watched” feeling.


8 responses to “Dark Shadows

  1. I love the last photo best… something about the colors and the dynamics…. very nice set!

  2. nothing thrills me more than the building against a brewing sky..great curves & POV

  3. I like the drama and contrast. Great shots!

  4. I love those skies! It has been a long time since I’ve seen Brophy Prep.

  5. The brooding dark skies is an awesome backdrop to the archtecture…love how it is illumniated too- lovely contrast.
    Beautiful Candace.

  6. Love that bottom photo! Such a simple composition, but it has such power! Well done!

  7. Sure this wasn’t your intended destination Cougar Candace. 🙂 Great sky and color.

  8. Great series of photos…like the dark sky. Well done!

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