Way Cool

Another in my series of murals in central Phoenix (and then, the world)…

It’s a big one…

It’s by Joerael J. Elliott. It is described by Robrt L. Pela (not a typo, that’s how he spells it), a Phoenix New Times writer, as “a gorgeous mural depicting our overbearing desert sun and how people survive it.”

It’s on the side of a building housing Way Cool Hair.

Here’s another link where you can see more photos.

This is one of the more elaborate ones I’ve seen, so far.

And, hopefully, this one won’t get tagged as so many others have.


10 thoughts on “Way Cool

  1. I drove by this the other day and actually hoped you’d photo/post it! I love Phoenix’s random murals, I think you should do the Marylin Monroe one sometime that’s on McDowell I think?


  2. Candace I really think you’re on to something here…this is truly inspiring to look at.
    I like your perspective of it- actually you are using 2 mediums…design and photgraphy.
    #4, #8 are my fave…love the color.


  3. Your title is very appropriate! That stuff is indeed “Way Cool”! Incredible art in those murals. I certainly would be concerned about vandalism (someone “tagging” them). Also I wonder what effect the sun has on the paint. Amazing!


  4. These are definitely way cool. I’m glad that you included the second and third photos so that we get a sense of scale. It it way huge! And excellently done and excellently photographed.


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