Splish Splash

On a little office building in central Phoenix is a little touch of paradise, not a scene you will find naturally anywhere close by…except for the palm trees.

It’s a little tamer than some of the other murals around…a little more serene.

It’s by Airwolf Airbrush. I don’t know if that’s a person or a company.

Kinda pretty…makes me want to go to the beach.


6 responses to “Splish Splash

  1. That is rather attractive. I wonder how long they last before the paint peels, fades, etc.

  2. that would fit right in with my blues pst today…i relish these shade …well captured

  3. I think I might favor this one more so than the last…it was hard to comment on that one.
    I think living in the dessert this mural actually might be a sight for sore eyes…no?

  4. Fine series on these amazing murals. I’m surprised at their size. Nice post.

  5. That is cool looking! I need Airwolf Airbrush to do some art work on my PT Crusier.

  6. That mural is crazy good! I wish I could enter your photos and look more closely.



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