Heat and Humidity

July and August? The worst months of the year in Phoenix. Heat is tolerable to us AZ old-timers but, combined with the humidity of the monsoon season, it’s miserable!  This weekend might be a good time to take another little trip up to the cooler north country. Here’s a few more memories of our recent daytrip to Lynx Lake in Prescott.

I love these reeds or grasses (or whatever they’re called).

Maybe they’re bulrushes?

And here are some other unidentified flora from around the lake.

They look like acorns but those aren’t oak leaves. Maybe Montucky or someone else knows?

No clue what this is above but it’s interesting…and some camouflaged fauna:

Definitely wouldn’t mind feeling a cool lake breeze again soon.

Last night, I had the pleasure of finally meeting AfricanKelli and Kara of Sunshine Cupcakes at Kelli’s booksigning. I can’t wait to start this novel (when I’m done with my current one), which is set in Mozambique and Arizona. Kelli spent quite a bit of time doing public health work in Mozambique and knows what life in Africa entails.

10 thoughts on “Heat and Humidity

  1. How well I remember the monsoon season! I loves the rain storms but hated the humidity. That was the time to spend the weekends above the rim!

    That looks like Sonoran scrub oak, Quercus turbinella.

    I love the little guy in the camouflage suit! On the long list of things I miss about the desert, lizards are close to the top.


  2. I feel for you…it just sounds too hot to anything but be by the shore.
    On the flip side,I wore wool socks and lit a fire in the fire place 3 days ago…I can’t believe summer is almost over.


  3. A fine series based on the grasses and plants of Lynx Lake. I like the tall grasses which seem to do so well there. Nice variety of mid-range shots and close ups. Nice series.


  4. Humidity with hot weather is the pits. When the UK gets the occasional heatwave the humidity here is usually unbearable.

    That lizard is so cute!

    And I love the light on the water. Beautiful!


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