More of Roosevelt Row

In the same alley on Roosevelt Row in downtown Phoenix as one of the Lalo Cota murals in my Calaveras post, there are quite a few other colorful murals.

Um, lose the billboard. We Phoenicians would like to see an unobstructed view of a frolicking snow scene. This one is by Joe Pagac, of Tucson, and Stephanie Michalsky.

Here’s the view again of the side of the alley with Lalo Cota’s mural. I don’t know who did the mustachioed guy. And here is the other side of the alley:

Once again, this alley is behind several galleries and shops in the heart of the downtown arts district. This building had some renovating going on while I was photographing and it looks like it may be a new gallery soon or possibly some other business.

More murals to come…

12 thoughts on “More of Roosevelt Row

  1. Wow … can’t decide which one is my favorite!

    Love the “Eye Lounge” pink logo, the snowmen are too cool (although I’m dreading seeing them here in PA in few short months LOL)

    I even love the windows above the dude with the goatee!

    The little girl looks like a mini-shoutout to Banksy 🙂


  2. LOVE the little girl. She’s so precious!! I saw a mural along Thomas today and thought of you – naturally, I can’t remember which street it was on so I’ll have to let you know.

    Re: your question in my blog about the Concerta stickies: I just ignore the front and pretend like it doesn’t say anything 🙂 Perhaps a cute homemade sticker is in order.


  3. I had no idea there were so many murals around here until I went through this blog archive. Have you thought about adding addresses or descriptions of the murals’ locations? I’d love to see some of these up close. Seems like a great way to see the city and it must attract some new customers for the businesses. Although this did kind of turn me against Safe Auto.


  4. I love Lalo Cato’s work. Does she have a website. Does she have prints available. I cannot find any information, only pics of the murals downtown.


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