This is what our Arizona sunset skies look like during the monsoon season. This was at Sunset Point, a rest stop on our way home from Prescott, shortly before a torrential downpour forced me to pull over since I was too scared to drive.

Pretty but menacing.

It’s hardly the Very Large Array but it reminds me of the movie, Contact, anyway.

I’m off work tomorrow for an Art Day! My 52 Project is 2 weeks behind but I’m going to cheat and make it up. Then just another day and a half of work and the long weekend starts. Wish every week had the work-life balance more in favor of the latter.


8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. How pretty and SO SO SCARY. I’m truly terrified of nature when it’s angry and I’m definitely scared of driving in monsoons. Rain is fine, but huge storms? FEAR.

    Beautiful photos though!


  2. Those are great storm photos! The first one is just outstanding! Kudos!

    I have always like Sunset Point. When my wife and I were moving to Phoenix we encountered a lightning storm there and just loved it!


  3. Yeah, I heard about your “monsoon” season. My parents recently visited my uncle in Tempe. I wish I could have gone. 😦

    Those are, indeed, nice sunsets. I like a sunset with a few ominous clouds in it. 😉


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