Phoenix Goddess

After writing about Elmac (El Mac) in my last blog post, I emailed him through his blog and he wrote back and told me about another of his murals in downtown Phoenix, the Phoenix Goddess. So yesterday I went to see her. She is located in back of an old (1927), well-maintained apartment building, overlooking their patio area, that you probably wouldn’t come across by accident. He told me this one was an “oldie, but goodie.”

As you can see by his blog, he works internationally to much acclaim so he is far more than “P-Town’s Graff-Daddy.” Most of his work is not in Phoenix (sadly for us).

One of the coolest things about this mural, I think, is that the skyline in the painting is the actual skyline looking down the alley. Same poles, same palms, sneakers thrown over the lines (maybe not the same pair)…You can click on the photos to see the details better.

I couldn’t shoot down the alley at the same angle because of the brightness of the sun but you get the idea.


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