Contemplative Practice

What better place to take a contemplative walk than here, a place meant for contemplation and meditation? I mentioned a few days ago that I’m taking an online class called Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Contemplative Practice through Abbey of the Arts, “transformative living through contemplative and expressive arts.” My cousin recommended this class to me and I love it. If this sounds interesting to you, it’s not too late, you can sign up any time. The registration includes 6 weeks of lessons, podcasts, a daily inspirational email, and a Flickr group to post your photos in, where you can see what the other participants are doing and join in discussions, if you want.

Each week you take a contemplative walk with your camera and explore the weekly lesson. These photos were taken for Week 2, an exploration of light and shadows through which you explore or begin to become aware of your own lights and shadows. The labyrinth is at one of my favorite places in town, the Franciscan Renewal Center (known as the Casa de Paz y Bien), a beautiful retreat center, open to everyone (I wrote about it over a year ago, too).

A photo becomes not only an interpretation of a given place, not only an image to be appreciated for its own challenging beauty, not only a journalistic report of a given moment in time, but also an evocative release, a symbol~even at times a trigger to a stream of consciousness. John Ruskin

8 thoughts on “Contemplative Practice

  1. there is nothing more beautiful in my opinion than a have taken some really stunning photos really lovely angles and such light!! It sounds like you are enjoying the class..share more when you can


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