15 Seconds of…

I’ve mentioned Photojojo’s Diptych Daredevils thread before. Here are a couple more I participated in. Someone (provdoll) posted the photo on the left of the burning ladders (or whatever) and I posted the burned-out shell of a house I saw in downtown Phoenix to go with it. I then posted the photo on the bottom (below) and another person (Virginia) paired it with hers on the top. Nice flow.

And speaking of this above photo…I took it over a year ago at a place called Arizona Falls, which I blogged about back then. It and another of the photos I took that day…this one…

AZ Falls Distance

got “discovered” through a search that led to my blog and are now part of a permanent exhibit at the Arizona Science Center, opening on October 16, about “Canals and Power.” The strangest part of the story is that the environmental graphic designer, Jim, who found my photos is a good friend of Tony’s and did realize they were mine after he found them. So I will have a photo credit in a major museum now! Here is a photo of the exhibit. I haven’t seen it yet (photo courtesy of Icon Themed Environments) but I’ll be there next weekend to do so.

See the big panel on the right? The greenish-grayish image that forms the backdrop is a crop from the first photo above, it’s huge; and the photo on the far right is my image above this one. It’s fairly big, too. Check it out if you’re ever at the Arizona Science Center, 2nd floor.

So that’s my 15 seconds of fame, hopefully the rest of my 15 minutes is still to come.


7 thoughts on “15 Seconds of…

  1. Hi Candace,

    My name is Jessica Choi and I am a student at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. For my online media class, I am doing a video project on murals around downtown Phoenix.

    My friend, Jack Fitzpatrick, told me that you photograph murals around the Phoenix area so I was wondering if we could meet up sometime this week?

    I’ve bee looking though this site and have seen the pictures you have posted. I want to interview you on what got you interested in photographing murals, how you find them, and if there is anyone else you can get me in touch with on the topic?

    If you can get back to me as soon as possible, that would be great.


    Jessica Choi


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