Early Morning Gaggle

Crisp autumn morning
Elicits raucous, wild squawks:
Joyful, I am, yes.

I’m getting good at bad haiku.

When I first saw these birds the other morning, hooting and hollering, there were a lot more of them. By the time I got my camera, they had thinned out but they were still rowdy.

This Friday, October 15th, is Blog Action Day. Consider signing up your blog and participating. This year’s theme is Water. Maybe some good can come out of the collective consciousness.


6 thoughts on “Early Morning Gaggle

  1. one of my all time favorites ..isnt it funny how photos can just hit you that way ..I just like the light..the starkness of branch and bird..so nice friend!


  2. great lighting in these sweet little birdie shots!! love the effect 🙂 about my new kitten, my mom was a cat person too, one time i counted, including two litters of kittens we had something like 24 cats in the house! lol that’s good of you to take care of strays, my mom was some kind of kittie whisperer and the vet always brought her problem kitties that were about to be put down…


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