Blog Action Day 2010

There is no lack of water here, unless you try to establish a city where no city should be. Edward Abbey

The theme for Blog Action Day 2010 (October 15) is water.

It’s pure, cool, serene, pretty,
Rippling and sparkling in the sun,
It’s fun to play in,
Refreshing to drink,
Necessary to bathe…but

It’s also the cause of wars, strife, disease, death.
There’s not enough for everyone
And it’s often not potable.

Writing about the many issues involving water seemed overwhelming. Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. You can check out the Blog Action Day website for all sorts of information on the many problems facing the world concerning water. I decided to narrow my focus down to the problems Arizona has with water shortages and water waste.

Much of Arizona’s water problem is tied to Edward Abbey’s observation above. Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the U.S. and it’s right in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. It’s full of golf courses with lush grass, swimming pools, and landscapes that look like they belong in the midwest. But writing about all the ramifications of these choices would require way more reading on your part than you may want to do (especially if you are going to read other participating blogs) so I will point you to the EPA’s website about Arizona Water Facts if you’re interested.

And I would like to direct you to a fellow Arizona blogger who is actually doing something, not just writing about it or thinking about it, to efficiently use irrigation water in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Kelli has a short You Tube presentation on her project, Fruitful Harvest.

6 thoughts on “Blog Action Day 2010

  1. An excellent post with information, links and, as always, your beautiful photos! Thanks for participating and adding your voice to the thousands of others today…


  2. These are beautiful water shots that show “water” in its best light. The water problem is of interest to me not only for your situation, but the lack of the whole planet. And, the cost of converting sea water is too expensive and energy demanding to be a solution.


  3. Very good post, Candace. It’s good to get as many folks as possible to think about the substance that makes life on our planet possible.

    I try to do a small part as well by emphasizing the wild and roadless areas here in the northwest that are so vital to the watershed and yet so fragile and so vulnerable to exploitation and as a result, destruction.


  4. Beautiful water shots, Candace, and an excellent way to bring the lack of water in Arizona to our attention. It does make you wonder about the lush green golf courses, doesn’t it?


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