Riding that Train…

…high on coffee.

I saw this mural months ago when I didn’t have my camera with me. I couldn’t remember where it was but Friday, out driving, I saw it again on Central Avenue in mid-town Phoenix. It’s right by where our Light Rail runs~on an abandoned building. It’s interesting because it’s 3-dimensional.

Tony said it’s from a poster that he has seen at an Italian restaurant we go to sometimes but I don’t remember it. I tried to find it on the internet but didn’t. Do you recognize it?

My mural series is back, after a brief hiatus. I went to photograph one I knew about downtown on Friday afternoon and, in the process, discovered several more. Stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “Riding that Train…

  1. This is great fun – I love it! Particularly that it’s 3D and also the fantasy subject matter – leaning out of a train into mid air to get a cup of coffee!!


  2. I like this mural for its unique three-dimensions! Glad you rediscovered it and you could share it with us. Fine series. I especially like how well you recorded the depth of the mural.


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