Dia de los Muertos

November 1 and 2 are the Days of the Dead. Many celebrate this largely Mexican holiday on November 2 but both days are actually part of the celebration and correspond with the Catholic observances of All Saints’ Day on 11/1 and All Souls’ Day on 11/2.

The above photos are all from different murals in downtown Phoenix done by Lalo Cota, a Mexican artist living in Phoenix. I have shown them all in my mural series.

Marigolds are a significant part of the holiday and are known as flor del muerto, flower of the dead. Their scent is believed to attract the dead back to this world and they are often placed on graves or altars as an offering to the dead during this holiday.

So…if you celebrate Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, or Samhain, remember that this may be a time when “the dead walk among the living and the veils between past, present and future may be lifted in prophecy and divination.” Could be spooky or could be fun.

5 thoughts on “Dia de los Muertos

  1. I see now. Thats why those Zombies were hanging out by my flower beds the other night. Just taking time out of their busy life’s to stop and smell the Marigolds.


  2. I think this is really cool…I remember you wrote about this last year.

    Personally I think this is neat, ART!

    Why does everything have to be so gloomy…this is colorful and fun.


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