Late Fall in IN and AZ

This is my mother’s yard in northern Indiana less than 2 weeks ago.

This is my yard last Friday.

I used both of these for my 52 Project, which I am happy to say, only has 5 weeks remaining. I’ve been reading on some other blogs I follow, as well as from some of my Flickr contacts, that they are excited to have their 365 projects almost over, too. When I decided to do a 52 last January 1st (with all of them being multiple images), it was because I didn’t want to commit to a 365 but I thought it might lead up to a 365. Nope. I know a lot of you take photos everyday and post everyday even without considering it a 365 but I just can’t. I pretty much only like outdoor photography and, with work lasting until 5 everyday, it makes it difficult to shoot daily…especially in the winter when it gets dark before 6pm. I found that the added pressure (I know, not a very big pressure) of feeling I had to get an image for my 52 was a deterrent rather than an incentive.

I have learned that I can find my own projects to shoot so I don’t need to have the stimulus of a 52 or 365 to force me to do so. And I’ve found a lot of interesting online photo workshops or classes that could provide that impetus if I need it. Not to mention, there are countless Flickr groups that provide themes if one needs that little extra encouragement to shoot now and then (Bench Monday, Fence Friday, 64 Colors, etc.). I found several that appealed to me that I will probably participate in more actively in 2011.

This coming year, I am going to continue with my mural project in central Phoenix as well as a project documenting historic churches in the downtown area. Having photos for my blog is the major force that will drive me to photograph, I think.

What about you? Do you have any new projects you want to pursue in the upcoming year? Or did you learn anything from what you photographed in 2010 that will change what you do in 2011? Does your blog force you to photograph when you might not do so otherwise? Can you really shoot everyday?

10 thoughts on “Late Fall in IN and AZ

  1. What a fabulous project this was!! i hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.. yes I am counting the days until my black and white is over..i have loved it but ending is good too!!


  2. After having done one full 365, I can say it’s pretty intense. I’m sort of doing one now, but I’m not as strict about it. I have to shoot every day. It keeps me sane. 🙂

    It will be so fun to look back over your year though. I made a book out of my 365. It was so neat to see it in print!


  3. Very pretty shots and nice to see from here where everything is white now.

    I doubt that I could do a 365 either. I’m afraid that would inhibit me rather than stimulate.

    Your mural series has been fascinating and I’m glad that you will continue with it.


  4. Lovely photos. It looks gorgeous in IN – I hear it’s been raining a lot in South Bend lately. We’re not going for Christmas this year. Too expensive and not enough frequent flyer miles. While I’m sad we’re going to be missing the family, I really wasn’t looking forward to all that snow and frigid weather…


  5. I couldn’t commit to doing something every day…that’s just too much pressure. I do think though that blogging keeps me more motivated to create than I would be otherwise. One of my goals for 2011 is to work on my photography skills (or lack of) and not rely so much on my scanner. I’d like to be able to photograph my art in a creative way. Your historic church series sounds great–can’t wait to see the photos.


  6. I try to post a picture every day and that becomes a stressful thing to contemplate when I’m low of pictures (which is all the time). So, I have to resort to archives and scanning old negatives to come up with picture which needless to say are on every conceivable subject. No themes! 🙂 I do participate in Tricia’s barn Tuesday series at I like what you shoot. I think you’re mural series is becoming a prize collection for the city and will have historic value as time goes on.


  7. Wise words Canadace, I don’t think you need really to be involved with any group nor “set” rules.
    Personally I am fried from Photography-so I need a break 5 yrs..almost 7 ays a week – just too much.
    There are also awesome books out there that can give guidance on how to become a better photog with inspiration and litte workshops.
    I am so glad you are doing the murals…I really enjoy your work.
    Do what you like and like what you do.


  8. Well, mine’s not a photography blog but I wouldn’t be able to commit myself to anything for 365 days of the same activity or even much less! However, someone I know is in the midst of doing an indoors-photography 365 project and that’s different and I’d wondered about – sometime – doing something like that. Need a better camera though as mine takes lousy shots indoors!

    Love your photos in this post – so colourful and nice to look at.


  9. Don’t know if your aware but your site has a bad case of dandruff. Love the combo of shots of your backyard. Projects would include shooting more night time, people/portraits and around the small town I live Azle.


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