Let It Snow

The weather outside is frightful…

Well, okay, here it’s DE-lightful…(sorry)

Let it snow! Let it snow, let it snow. Not here, though.

(Listen to the song above.)


10 thoughts on “Let It Snow

  1. we have a blizzard here in chicago today! will make for a great bears game against the patriots! : )

    don’t know if you got my reply comment to your comment/question about the calendar. but if not, this is what it said:

    candace, i used my own software at home… my design software that i have for my graphic design freelance business. it’s called indesign.

    i did not use a service, but i know there are services available to do something like this. and if you have photoshop, you could do it all with that. in fact, i started out using the photoshop template provided on shutter sisters… here:

    but then i tweaked it and made it my own, and also brought the design into a design software that i am more familiar with when using type and layout.


  2. A very funny post for a Tuesday. We’re in a balmy few days now too. Well warm for here! 🙂 Winter will return shortly though. Your post is a good poke in the ribs! 🙂


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