Let It Snow

The weather outside is frightful…

Well, okay, here it’s DE-lightful…(sorry)

Let it snow! Let it snow, let it snow. Not here, though.

(Listen to the song above.)


10 responses to “Let It Snow

  1. Your blog is just full of Holiday Spirit, Candace.
    Nothing like like snow and Ponderosa…beautiful…I also love the snow on your blog..so cute.

  2. I do have, if I could find them, some photos of snow on the cactus just outside of Scottsdale.

  3. A beautiful job of giving us illusory snow-like pictures. Very attractively done. Processing is excellent.

  4. Delightful and loved the song…..

  5. Man those snow flakes are huge!! Sing it Dean!

  6. What a great and creative idea to create this illusory effect! I wish you a great holiday inspiration and spirit, let it snow!

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  8. we have a blizzard here in chicago today! will make for a great bears game against the patriots! : )

    don’t know if you got my reply comment to your comment/question about the calendar. but if not, this is what it said:

    candace, i used my own software at home… my design software that i have for my graphic design freelance business. it’s called indesign.

    i did not use a service, but i know there are services available to do something like this. and if you have photoshop, you could do it all with that. in fact, i started out using the photoshop template provided on shutter sisters… here:

    but then i tweaked it and made it my own, and also brought the design into a design software that i am more familiar with when using type and layout.

  9. you make me smile !! great photos!

  10. A very funny post for a Tuesday. We’re in a balmy few days now too. Well warm for here! 🙂 Winter will return shortly though. Your post is a good poke in the ribs! 🙂

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