The Holiday Helper

In order to arrive at a lit and decorated Christmas tree, we had this kind of help…

But it got done…as well as most of the shopping, a lot of the wrapping, all of the shipping. Next on the list are the Christmas cards. Hope your holiday preparations are coming along smoothly, too.


6 responses to “The Holiday Helper

  1. I’m sure all of the activity was much more pleasant with that helper! What a wonderful photo!

  2. Hahaha, so cute. It makes me want a kitty! …For about a second, until my allergies remind me why that’d be a bad idea.

    Meowy Christmas 🙂

  3. I can hear the kitty loud and clear, “This is MY tree, I am comfy here and I’m not coming out!”

  4. Great shot of the Cat framed with the Christmas tree branches.

  5. Love it! Santa’s little (or not so little, by the look of the pusscat)helper!

  6. Christmas week is here… like it or not. I’ve got my shopping done except that I’m waiting for two items to arrive this week…hopefully before Christmas. I like your helper in getting the right tree!

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