Post-Christmas Cats

Hope you had a nice Christmas. It seems like last year about this time I was saying this isn’t going to turn into a cat blog because I was posting cat pictures for several days. Well, it still isn’t going to be a cat blog but I guess cats and Christmas are synonymous to me. These are our 3 indoor cats, Google (who has been featured a lot lately), Marbles (the black and white cat), and Abbey (the other tabby, first photo in the second row).

The little helicopter was a silly gift I gave Tony, meant to be flown indoors, even though it crashes into everything. I’m not sure how much he liked it but Google really likes it and it’s fun to watch him try to catch it. The other 2 are not that impressed and find it a little annoying.

It’s raining again now and is going to get very cold tomorrow night for here (30 degrees). I always feel bad about the 11 outdoor cats we’ve accumulated from other people moving away and dumping them. Most of the time, the weather is pretty mild here in the winter but when it’s cold, they have to cuddle together for warmth. Here are a few of them huddled up the other day. We have several covered areas for them to get out of the rain and several bedding areas but they don’t all use them. It’s very cute when several snuggle together, though.

I know the weather is miserable many places right now in the U.S. so, comparatively speaking, things aren’t bad here and these guys don’t have it as bad as outdoor cats in other parts of the country but they still look a little unhappy.

Keep safe and warm as we end 2010…


7 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Cats

  1. Brrrr. It’s been FREEZING here. I don’t have cats, but there’s nothing quite as warm and snuggly as curling up with a furry pet. I’m sure your outdoors friends get perfectly warm together 🙂


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