These are snaps from my little Casio p&s. I’ve been carrying it around to get “the shot I wouldna got” without it. So far, nothing stupendous…just snaps. These roses in a little area in a strip mall seem to have survived the couple of nights of frost we had even though they weren’t covered.

My Nikon DSLR and I have a date this weekend to get back in the swing of things.

You know how a lot of people–in the blogging community and elsewhere–have a word for the year every year, something to guide them, something that speaks to them? I have never really done that although I think about it every year when I read the words others choose (I always want their word when I read it and wonder why I couldn’t think of it). Do you have a word (or phrase) for the year? I’m thinking focus since it can have several meanings, all of which would be beneficial for me.

6 thoughts on “Snaps

  1. Well, your little p&s is doing pretty darn well! It reminded me of the Phoenix winter which I have to admit I miss.

    “Focus” is a very good focus word for the new year. To attack one of my weaknesses I should probably borrow the phrase “just do it”.


  2. Well, my fellow blogger, may this New Year hold some adventure, mystery, creativity, and fortune… Couldn’t we all use some of each?

    Best regards,



  3. I like these beautiful roses…. especially in this time of year with all the white and cold temperatures. I like the word “focus.” For me that means sorting out the superfluous and getting on with the things that genuinely count in life.


  4. This is my third year picking a word. I find it to be very helpful and much more powerful than resolutions for me. My word this year is “trust.” It fits more than any of the past years’ words have and I can’t believe the things that have come about so far this year as a result of it.

    Focus sounds like a good choice.


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