2 Blocks

Two blocks away from the last mural project I blogged about, Calle 16, is this mural. It is on the side of a building owned by the City of Phoenix and it was sponsored by Chicanos por la Causa and Mothers Against Gangs.

It was completed in 2007 and the artist is Pablo Luna who I have mentioned in a previous post as a collaborator with Lalo Cota on some Calaveras murals.

This wall previously had another mural that succumbed to graffiti and this one took its place. So far, so good re: no apparent tagging.

I read this description of the mural, “Family is depicted at the center surrounded by history and cultural identity. Computer keyboards add to the story of what happens inside the walls of Mothers Against Gangs.” Mothers Against Gangs is located in this building.

7 thoughts on “2 Blocks

  1. That’s another great mural! It seems to me that within these murals, because of the fact that they have not been vandalized, there is a reason for everyone to respect them and/or their creators. That might be a big clue toward resolving some of the conflict between cultures there.


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