Art Day

I have a lot of PTO at work so I’ve decided to take one day a month off and make it an Art Day. Today was my first. Of course, I wasn’t able to dedicate the whole day to arty things but I did a few and got some other things accomplished, too.

This was my model for the day, an orange with character. One of my bosses recently moved to a house with 30 orange trees in the yard so a couple of weeks ago, he brought a huge box of them in (he said he has thousands). They’re very juicy and still delicious several days later. So far, Tony has made orangecello out of them (still fermenting) and I’ve squeezed them for juice and eaten them as they are, of course. But this craggy one seemed like a good photo subject.

Oranges are almost as fun to photograph as eggs were last spring.

And another arty aside, I’m currently reading An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin. “This thoroughly engaging primer on the art world is unusual on a number of levels. Although the lead characters are unlikable, the novel is hard to put down, offers an enlightening explication of how the market for art is created, and includes photos and absorbing detail on many of the artworks under discussion.”


8 thoughts on “Art Day

  1. I like your rugged looking orange. It’s tough skin makes a fine subject which you used very well with the varied lighting. Altogether they make a very interesting series. I can’t imagine what a tree ripened orange would taste like! 🙂


  2. Loving the organic feel to this orange beauty.

    Noticed and peaked at your most excellent new creations on flikr…love what you did with your images…fascinating Candace.


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