I looove this song by Leonard Cohen, Anthem, and most of his other songs, too.

So the Countdown to V-Day has begun. I think Valentine’s Day is a fun, minor holiday. I like it to be a time of simple pleasures…small gifts, maybe handmade, baked, crafted, photographed and made into cards, things like that. I love to look at other blogs this time of year to see what people are making (and photographing)…yummy heart-shaped goodies like Kelli baked, pretty valentines that Deirdre and her daughters made, flowers grown and given (and made into paper!) by Carolyn, heart rocks collected by Camilla.

Did you make cards, gifts? Are you baking anything delicious, swinging by your favorite bakery for treats for co-workers, friends, family, yourself? If you have any valentine-y links or recommendations, I’d love to see them.


7 thoughts on “Cracked

  1. That Cohen quote is perfect for my week. Thank you. I swear, sometimes life is so funny. The way you are lead to little things you need to know.

    Hope you have a great week!


  2. not too much on the valentine goodies ..sent some to my daughters… love the way the crack . shadow and red heart interact in this series of shots … very artistic


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