Art Day 2/VDay-3

Today was my February Art Day, the monthly day I take off from work to do arty stuff. Hmmm, well, I did laundry and some chores that now I don’t have to do tomorrow. I read a bunch of blogs. I’m blogging now but that’s the extent of my artistic experience today. Maybe tomorrow will be Art Day instead…

So, I’m not really finding much valentine stuff yet on blogs…ideas to “borrow,” etc. If you have any links, please post them. The photojojo newsletter has some photo-related valentine ideas.

The other day I mailed 2 very small valentine gifts to people out of town. To add a little personal touch, I cut up a few paper hearts like we used to do back in grade school and stuffed them in the packages. Primitive, I know.

And today, I baked peanut butter cookies with a little valentine touch.

Monday I’ll probably swing by Barb’s Bakery on my way into work and pick up some pretty-looking, tasty goodies. And the cats usually get tuna on holidays, even minor ones. What do you think about that, Google?


5 thoughts on “Art Day 2/VDay-3

  1. Google looks like he’s happy that a holiday (and tuna) is coming. My wife made cards for our kids and close friends. She decorated them with pressed flowers from last summer’s garden and some wildflowers we picked and dried. They are beautiful!


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