A bud and its buddy (above). Spring comes early to the low desert in Arizona. Signs of spring in my yard…

I think this may be a “volunteer” California Pepper Tree. Our neighbor across the street has one that he planted and this one appeared a year or so ago in our yard. They grow fast and large. I’m not sure it’s in a good location to grow very big, though.

We have tons of aloe in our yard.

The bud above is on the pomegranate bush.

We have a huge crop of dandelions right now. I thought the couple of freezes we had this year might wipe them out but there are more than ever. Today it’s raining so they’ll be even more plentiful. I don’t mind a few but they’re out of hand. I don’t like to use toxins, though, because of all the cats. Does anyone know a natural method of getting rid of them…other than actually yanking them out one by one?

Spring is coming. Do you have any signs yet?


10 thoughts on “Buddy

  1. i love all the signs of spring you have! we have left the east for a snow vacation in taos, and it was dark when we arrived, so i’ve not seen any signs of spring. at home, it reached 72 last week… definitely a sign of impending spring. thank-you for visiting~


  2. I like your “signs of spring” series very much. It’s about time the weather started improving here… at least the mornings are brighter. Nice post.


  3. Beautiful spring shots. Here I see some grass coming up, crocus popping through the snow, and buds starting to swell. I had to laugh at the dandelions, usually one of the first (and most dreaded) signs of spring in my yard. I can guarantee they do not mind freezing weather at all! In my yard they grow and prosper in spite of freezing temps (even while their flower are present). They don’t like HOT weather, so disappear by summer.


  4. No buds yet–but at least the snow is melting! There is nothing more hopeful to me than the sight of a new bud. It reminds me that there definitely is a cycle of life.


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