Woodland Creatures Giveaway!

I’m a little oven squirrel
to help you with hot racks.
Use my ear to pull them out,
under my chin to push them back.

Yes, it’s time for my Second Blogiversary Giveaway! And this handmade (not by me) oven squirrel is part of the prize package for one lucky (?) winner. My last couple of posts have been about spring and, in spring, the woodland creatures happily scamper about after a long, cold winter. In honor of spring, the rest of the prize package is this lovely handmade (also not by me) woodland creatures potholder:

With this prize package, you will be equipped to deal with all your spring baking safely. My actual blogiversary was February 13th but I was busy posting heart and valentine-related posts and I also didn’t know what to combine with the oven squirrel but now this potholder is winging its way to me in the next couple of days to complete the woodland creatures theme. I will also include one or two small photo prints that will be made by me, just so I have a hand in this giveaway…and they probably won’t be of woodland creatures.

For last year’s blogiversary giveaway, my cat Google chose the winners (there were 2 prize packages last year). Once again, either he or one of my other cats will choose the one winner this year. Everyone may enter…it doesn’t matter if you’re a regular reader, or if you have a blog, or if you’re a previous winner, or if I know you in real life, or if you don’t bake things: almost everyone uses their oven sometimes. But I must restrict the winner to the continental US (sorry, international bakers and squirrel lovers). Winners will be chosen on Saturday, March 5thUNLESS I have less than 10 entries, in which case, the contest will not end until there are at least 10 entries.

The oven squirrel has been my favorite gift-giving item since Thanksgiving. Several of my relatives and friends have received one since. We use ours all the time. I got the squirrels at one of my favorite local Phoenix stores, Practical Art, where everything is functional and handmade in Arizona. The squirrels were made by Tom Hewitt of Payson, AZ. I’m not sure who made the potholder but it is new and coming from New York.

So join in the fun! Get ready to bake some spring goodies. If you want to leave a comment but definitely don’t want a squirrel in your life, please indicate that.


19 thoughts on “Woodland Creatures Giveaway!

  1. I’ll pass on the squirrel, but just want to say how cute it is!
    But… now all the local tree rats (aka squirrels) are quaking in their nuts thinking that if they’re not careful they’ll be turned into oven squirrels and have to spend the rest of their days dealing with baking trays!


  2. What a nice idea for your blog anniversary. I like the looks of both of these prizes…and want to enter. Woodland creatures fits my squirrel visitors each morning so well…and I’ll find something to bake if I win! 🙂


  3. happy blogiversary! two years and going string..one of my favorite places to visit.
    love the last shot with the shadow on that special squirrel


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