What Giveaway?

Stripey Laurie wonders:

a) Why is our yard the only one with all these yellow things?
b) Why does our mom only have 8 entries in her Woodland Creatures Giveaway?
c) What’s that buzzing sound?
d) All of the above.
e) None of the above.

If you chose d, you are correct, and you should go to my last post and enter the fabulous Woodland Creatures Giveaway! The contest ends on March 5th unless there are less than 10 entries and, since there are only 8 right now, this could go on forever.

2 thoughts on “What Giveaway?

  1. too cute! love your personality in this post… made me smile this saturday morning. and thank-youthank-you for visiting me last week. i’m still juggling to get back on my feet after a holiday and being sick… forgive my tardiness! 🙂
    congratulation on your blog anniversary!


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