Announcing the Winner(s)!

Marbles, are you going to choose the winner this year?

I guess you want to help, too, Google. Should we use the May the Forest Be With You cap this year? It seems appropriate for the Woodland Creatures theme.

All 14 contestant names have been put in the cap, right?

Would you like a little catnip to get in the mood?

Yeah, everything is more fun with catnip.

So…Marbles got up and walked away and 2 names stuck to him. I pulled them off in this order while Google supervised:

Yes, we have 2 winners!

Superdewa (Deirdre) wins the oven squirrel and woodland creatures potholder! And I know Deirdre bakes yummy things from scratch with her 2 daughters so I hope the squirrel gets a good workout.

And Montucky (Terry) wins some items left over from last year’s blogiversary giveaway of Arizona kitsch! And, how appropriate, because he lived in Arizona for 25 years (right?) before moving back to his beloved Montana! Terry, you win an AZ prize package similar to that shown below: some AZ socks (the ones you are receiving are more manly in color than these and have various AZ petroglyphs on them) and 2 fabric coasters (although the ones you are getting have Native American pottery on them).

I will contact both winners by email to get your addresses. Thank you everyone for reading, commenting, and entering! I hope to have another giveaway before my next blogiversary so stay tuned!

Abbey chose not to participate because she really doesn’t like the boycats much but she congratulates the winners.

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