Tending to God’s earth garden is probably the closest we can come to the beginning of creation without having been there. I didn’t write that, I read it in a flyer for a workshop (about God’s garden). But I like it…a lot.

The texture on the first photo is part of a free package of 10 you can get from a nice guy, Jerry. My hibiscus did not do well over the winter here. Arizona has mild winters but we did hit freezing a few times. Although my hibiscus is in a pot close to my house, under an overhang, and was covered from top to bottom with a sheet on those cold nights, all of its leaves turned yellow and dropped off. It now has tons of new leaves and several blooms so I hope it pulls through.


7 thoughts on “Tending

  1. I like these flower pictures for the encouragement they give me about spring… that it hasn’t lost its way to my town! 😉 I have two freshly planted roses from last year that look dead and can be, but I’m waiting to see if they sprout up.


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