Tending to God’s earth garden is probably the closest we can come to the beginning of creation without having been there. I didn’t write that, I read it in a flyer for a workshop (about God’s garden). But I like it…a lot.

The texture on the first photo is part of a free package of 10 you can get from a nice guy, Jerry. My hibiscus did not do well over the winter here. Arizona has mild winters but we did hit freezing a few times. Although my hibiscus is in a pot close to my house, under an overhang, and was covered from top to bottom with a sheet on those cold nights, all of its leaves turned yellow and dropped off. It now has tons of new leaves and several blooms so I hope it pulls through.


7 responses to “Tending

  1. Very pretty photos! It sounds like the plant will recover. They are such beautiful blossoms!

  2. I like these flower pictures for the encouragement they give me about spring… that it hasn’t lost its way to my town! 😉 I have two freshly planted roses from last year that look dead and can be, but I’m waiting to see if they sprout up.

  3. Lovely colors; what a beautiful hibiscus. I have never had any luck growing these plants.

  4. What a treat to see sucha lovely bloom…so tropical, in the midst of this snow storm we are having today…

  5. these blossoms are filling up the lens with such lacy beauty so glad they made it, i relish the shadows they make as well ..

  6. I love working in the garden. Beautiful flowers.

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