What did you do as a child that created timelessness, that made you forget time? There lies the myth to live by. Joseph Campbell


7 responses to “Abloom

  1. The first photo is so heavenly beautiful, wonderful light and contrast! The others are precious too, I love the various teints/colors of the last flower, from pink to yellow. Very nice!

  2. this quote leaves me thinking .. the sky and the blooms leave me smiling ….I always leave here happy!

  3. I remember April as a very beautiful time in Arizona. I see the cacti are in bloom in Tucson now. I love the rose up against the palm!

  4. A fine quote to go with these beautiful flower shots. For me I think it was “play.” That was the timeless escape from reality. Nice post.

  5. childhood was lived in a poem and we did not know it~~

  6. Congrats on the marriage thing. Need some portrait shots of the spouse posted. Love the rose and palm shot.

  7. Lovely – and an evocative quote to go with it.

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