Silly Cats

Okay, I guess I’ve posted enough flowers for awhile…or until I get some new photos of our wildly blooming hibiscus…or the bouquet of roses that will be at our wedding party this weekend…so I’ll show you a few of our cats again. Above is Abbey, one of our 3 indoor cats. She is now 10 years old, we found her in a desert mountain park when she was about 4 weeks old, abandoned. Abbey never does anything wrong and she dislikes both our indoor boy cats. She was very close to Scottie, our orange cat who died in 2006, but she hasn’t liked any of our cats since. She is short and a little pudgy (but we tell her she is voluptuous).

Marbles, above, is now 13. He is the only cat I’ve ever had that was officially adopted from a rescue group. The rest have all been strays who showed up. Marbles was 6 when we got him so we’ve had him almost 7 years. He did not get along with Scottie, the cat Abbey loved, and they had to be separated. He and Google are big buddies and hang out together a lot. Marbles likes almost constant attention from humans. He’s a dainty little boy cat, weighing only about 8 pounds.

And then there’s Google, who is now 3. He just showed up one day when he was about 3 months old when Tony was feeding the other outdoor cats. He was tame, thin, and very friendly. We didn’t think he should be outside on his own so he became an indoor cat. He is up to no good most of the time, is very chatty, and has a lot of personality. And he weighs over 17 pounds! He’s very long and big-boned. He’s clumsy and falls a lot…for a cat. If you’re a regular reader, you’ve seen him in the Christmas tree and working on various projects.

Then there are the 11 outdoor cats. Stripey Laurie, a feral cat, was just spayed yesterday and is recovering in a big carrier in Tony’s workroom.

Her sister, Grady, also feral, was spayed about 8 days ago and is totally back to normal, running around and chasing birds but misses Stripey Laurie right now. This is Grady, below, who is all gray.

Ten of the outdoor cats are now neutered/spayed. We only need Isabella fixed, the mom of several of our outdoor cats, including these 2. She is also mom to the triplets: Ebony, Ivory, and Edie, below:

Although they are all littermates, Ebony and Ivory are tame and Edie is still feral.

We also have:

Jessi, above, tame and very sweet. She mostly stays in our neighbor’s yard and comes over for meals. She doesn’t seem to like the other cats too much, except WB:

He was ill recently but is fine now. He’s the top cat. His assistant, Svengali, hangs around almost all the time like WB does. Somedays they tolerate each other, other days WB feels the need to let him know who’s in charge. Several of the other cats are afraid of Svengali because he used to chase them before he was neutered. Now, 6 months later, he rarely does that and he’s only playing when he does but they don’t see it that way. This is Svengali.

You remember Snowy; poor Snowy is also disliked by several of the cats.

Then there’s Smokey, also feral. She had kittens last year and went to Blistered Whiskers (like Edie before her) to be spayed and hang out with her kittens until they were old enough to be put up for adoption, then she came home. We don’t see her much during the day. She comes over for dinner most nights, hangs out with WB for awhile, and then heads back to the alley. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a daytime photo of her.

And here’s Isabella, the mom of many, including Ebony, Ivory, Edie, Stripey Laurie, Grady, and many others now sadly departed. She is our last un-neutered cat and who we will be concentrating on catching in a few days before more kittens are born. She is very feral, very cautious, and not interested in wet food so she’s hard to trick.

Wish us luck.


12 thoughts on “Silly Cats

  1. What an enjoyable collection of cats you have! We have not had a cat with us for several years now after Miss Kitty, who was our companion for ten years died. She had been dropped off outside of town in the middle of winter and fortunately found our house. I’m sure some time another cat will find us when it needs us. In the mean time, I’m very happy to know that at least around here, people have not been just taking their pets outside of town and dropping them off, as happened far too many times in years past.


  2. Makes me glad to read how you care for the cats and see to that they get spayed.

    I have a feral right now, she is now an indoor cat and seems to like it, she never tries to run off when I open the door. Maybe because she doesn’t understand she can. It took 2 yrs before she allowed me to pet her, well more like a swift stroke, but just when feeding her. Today, 3 yrs later, she come to greet me at the door and allows me to pet her and enjoys it. But it is on her terms! And one more thing: she has become very talkative 🙂 Esp when its feeding time. Not loud and annoying, she actually speaks in various tones.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. A fine presentation of your collection of cats. Nice shots of them and I enjoyed the description of each. An amazing number to feed and care for.


  4. oh you and tony are such angels to care for all of these sweet ones.. i had to smile at the “big boned” term ..we are watching our daughters cat and he is that as well!! i loved seeing your group!!


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