May Day

Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world. Sarah Ban Breathnach

Happy May Day! I just got back from a few days in rainy, gloomy Indiana visiting my mother. It’s nice to see the Arizona sunshine again. April 29th was somewhat sunny back there and that was nice because it was my mom’s birthday. I didn’t take my DSLR with me and didn’t get any good shots with my point and shoot but I’ll show them to you anyway since that’s all I’ve got.

A robin through the screen since it was raining. We don’t see robins in the Phoenix area so I do wish I had gotten a good shot of this guy or any of the many others I saw. Guess what the following photo is?

I really wish I had had my DSLR with me for this one as that spot of red is a cardinal, the Indiana State Bird. He, another male, and a female were cavorting around my mom’s backyard but I couldn’t focus the screen out. Nice screen shot, though, don’t you think?

Bye, South Bend! The photo below is one of the concourses at South Bend Regional Airport, which now makes it possible for me to fly non-stop from Mesa, AZ, directly into South Bend. Although I don’t get to see my cousin in Chicago when I fly this way, it makes for a much quicker, easier trip to visit my mom.


5 thoughts on “May Day

  1. I enjoyed seeing your pictures from your trip. Automatic focus can be a “thing” at times. I liked the bird shots anyway. That is a huge, empty terminal. A direct flight sounds very good to me!


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