Lotta Latte

When Between Us

Ana Cristina Cesar

When between us there was just
a letter certain to come
the train the tracks
the window open
a certain landscape
without stones or
my high heel
the glass of water
the wait for coffee

I’ve posted that poem before on my blog, almost 2 years ago, but I like it and there aren’t that many poems that mention coffee so it’s back. The arabica coffee plant that I mentioned and photographed in that earlier post is now dead, sadly. They are hard to grow and it hung in there for a few months with constant misting but that wasn’t quite enough. So we won’t be growing our own coffee beans. Tony is, however, roasting his own beans now (in addition to buying his beans online from Peet’s).

The above latte and mocha are from Lola, “a hip local hangout with a fresh vibe” in downtown and uptown Phoenix.


5 responses to “Lotta Latte

  1. Too bad the arabica plant didn’t make it. That would have been interesting.

  2. Wow, those are awesome cups of coffee! I think I’d actually have trouble drinking mine — I’d hate to ruin it. You might want to submit this to the coffee served daily blog (http://coffeeserveddaily.com/)

  3. A fine shot of my favorite beverage. I’ve never gotten into roasting, but it does have appeal…maybe one day. I like the sound of your coffee house. I go to Starbucks, but they are hard and lack style…no homey feel. The atmosphere of the coffee house’s room is a strong factor in how I like a place…after having good coffee, that is! 🙂

  4. Wow, amazing artwork in the coffee foam. I never go to coffee shops so didn’t realize some of them did this.

  5. Great poem, indeed few posts are dedicated or mention coffee. Nice. I love the photo too, amazing how they can create artworks with the delicious foam of coffee!

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