Isn’t beauty what we yearn to burn with before we die?~Ann Voskamp from One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.

I’m hooked on photographing roses…and other flowers…lately. I never made a “Flower” or “Flora” tag so I’m going back through all my 284 posts and tagging the flower ones, kind of time-consuming. While looking at my posts from a year ago at this time, I notice that I was going out on personal shoots then and doing my 52 Project, my mural project, and taking a couple of online workshops. This year, I seem to be shooting around home or places that I’m going for some other reason and sometimes with just my point and shoot (handy and cute though it is). I guess I need to get back into making more time and taking more effort with my photography, challenging myself a little more. What about you…do you have to force yourself sometimes to go out and shoot, to get something a little different? How do you spice it up?

*texture above from SophieG. I looove textures lately but I also like sharp, crisp unaltered photos. Such a dilemma to decide which I like the best.


7 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Gorgeous. And I’m right there with you — love photographing flowers. So beautiful and so fragile. Plus, get them while you can! Nothing fades faster.

    Hope you are well!


  2. I love flowers too, and especially wildflowers. There are so many ways to look at blossoms and they are all pretty!

    My photos are all of rather limited subjects and nearly all are secondary results from my ventures into the wild country. A visit to the forests, rivers and mountains almost always uncovers something of beauty or interest to photograph.


  3. flowers are a real joy to photograph .. you have some really cool angles and I love that quote as well…

    i take alot of photos .. use them in my posts when the spirit moves me …


  4. I love photographing flowers too. I really never get bored with it – I feel like I’m capturing a moment in time that will never exist again. When I can’t find flowers, I buy them!


  5. You do such a fine job of producing the crisp shots as well as the modified ones. I don’t know any easy way to decide. I like flower shots too. Every so often, I return to them…like I do sunrises. Every one is different.


  6. Wonderful roses! Although I’m not a photographer, with other things I also need something new. My medicine for that is taking a pause and observe closely my surroundings.


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