Kind of a dumb thing to photograph but I found it sort of mesmerizing to watch all the leaves and blooms in this pool keep circling around and I like the little spiral in the upper right of the photo (you can see it better by clicking on it).

This is one of many pretty water features at Scottsdale Civic Center, which I’ve written about several other times, close to where I work and a place where I go sometimes at lunch. There are many flowers and flowering trees here, including Tipu trees, native to South America. With their yellow blooms as well as the yellow flowers of the Palo Verde, yellow is the dominant color this time of year in the park.

If you do not see what is around you everyday, what will you see when you go to Tangiers?~Freeman Patterson


7 thoughts on “Whirlpool

  1. That is a very pretty pool. There was always something special about Scottsdale that attracted me, just the feel of the place.

    That’s also a very profound quote!


  2. You have a very attractive site for lunch. I envy your exotic trees with their blossoms that can never grow in my cold climate. Fine pictures.


  3. Wonderful effect and not dumb at all! I like the effect too of the elements working together in this pool. Nice place to lunch! Wish I had one like this near my work.

    (Thanks for your comment about my new lay out!)


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