Butterfly Redux

I blogged about these Giant Swallowtails a few days ago but I wasn’t entirely happy with the photos as they were taken on a cloudy day, in the evening, in the darkness that the giant oleanders cast. Then I saw about 10 of these butterflies but last Monday, on a sunny evening, I went back and there were still some there. I counted 4 but their friends could have been on the other side of the oleanders in someone’s yard.

I was much happier with these photos. I just went now and looked down the alley again and still saw some so I guess they are planning on staying awhile. There are many species of Swallowtails. The common trait in all the swallowtail species is the extension at the rear end of the wings, which makes them look like swallows (from here).


6 thoughts on “Butterfly Redux

  1. They sure are beautiful butterflies. I saw one here yesterday on our lilacs, but too high up for a shot. I especially like to see them because we don’t get Monarchs here, making these the prettiest of our butterflies.


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