Imaginary Vacation #2

Maybe you remember my last imaginary vacation about a month ago? Well, I have been eyeing this new location on my way to and from work for a long time but I’m always too rushed in the morning and, by the time I drive by in the late afternoon, there are always cars parked all around. So Saturday morning before all these places opened for business, I headed over.

The only problem is I wound up with way too many photos I liked so this will be a two-parter. The answer of where I pretended to be will not be revealed until my next post. This one is easier, though, so you will probably be able to guess it.

The temperature in the real location was almost the same as it was in Phoenix when I took the photos, although it did get hotter later in the day here than it did there. However, even though this is the time of year in Phoenix when it is more humid than normal, it was much more humid in the real location. It might actually have been even more unpleasant weather-wise than here, if possible.

They are known for their beautiful blue skies, too.

It’s a colorful place, both the real and imaginary locations.

Where do you think I am pretending to be? The location is more specific than a country.

Stay tuned for the answer in about 3 days…


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